Juniperl Non-Alcoholic Spirit was born from a love of gin but a loathing of hangovers. One Sunday afternoon, having spent most of the day lounging around feeling sorry for ourselves, we asked the question, why does drinking have to come with such consequences?

Gin and Tonic

Time for change..

This one question actually led to a lifestyle shift, is it really worth losing a day to a hangover, along with the other drawbacks of drinking alcohol?


We thought not.


We wanted to enjoy our days doing activities and having adventures and we were noticing our friends making the same choice.

This still left us with a slight issue…we were missing G&T in our lives.

Juniperl is our offering to the growing Alcohol free industry.


The Product

Crafted from a bespoke juniper distillate and made in a real distillery, this playful and delicious non-alcoholic spirit has real depth and character, and includes many botanical flavours you would expect in any good gin.


Inspired by Mediterranean flavours with citrus and spice notes, Juniperl is the perfect alcohol free alternative.

Serve in your favourite gin glass, over ice with tonic and a slice of grapefruit and you honestly won’t be missing the alcohol content.


Best bit is you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

Enjoy Juniperl for a healthier feel-good tomorrow!

Rebecca & Wes x