Frequently asked questions

We get it, non-alcoholic spirits are a new thing and you may be unsure what Juniperl actually is. Here are a few answers to guide you through. 

Why alcohol free?

Why not? Juniperl is that option you wish you’d had long ago. Maybe you’ve had two cocktails and want to stay out but you’re driving. Maybe you have CrossFit tomorrow and don’t want to just half ass it with a hangover. Maybe you’re watching your calorie intake. We know in these situations you’re looking for more than a sugary soft drink. Juniperl fills that gap.

What does Juniperl
taste like?

In a word, Gin. It has all the botanical flavours you’d find in a good Gin, as well as hints of rosemary and pink grapefruit. Once mixed with your favourite tonic you won’t be missing the real thing, we promise.

What’s in it?

Juniperl Starts life as a bespoke Alcohol free Juniper distillate. Juniper is the main botanical in any Gin. To this we mix all the delicious botanical extracts that give the drink lovely depth. Juniperl is low in sugar, something we were hot on achieving.

Is it really alcohol free?

Yes. Unlike a lot alcohol free spirits, we aren’t removing alcohol from the mixture, we start from the ground up like a delicious recipe should, and never has proof to begin with.

What is the volume of your bottles?

Our bottles are 70cl (the same as most spirit bottles) This is enough for 14 standard pour drinks.

What about calories? Gluten? Allergens?

5 Kcals per 50ml serving, Gluten free, Allergen free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Low in fat and sugar.